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Pietro Faleschini

Founder of the Skating Diaries web project; he obtained the FISG diploma of Figure Skating Instructor and 1st level Coach bi FISG (Italian ISU Federation), he graduated in Sport Sciences at the University of Udine bringing a thesis on the evaluation of the physical parameters involved in skating jumps....
Skates and competes from an early age, more to dance, perform and make friends than to get some results. Still teenager, started to teach something to adults in trouble with blades. From that moment on he decided that that will be his future.
Not even a month after the graduation, he accepts the invitation of the Palaghiaccio di Padova to work with Marina and many other coaches as an instructor in charge of adult groups and as a physical trainer for competitive and pre-competitive groups. Accompanying his athletes, he finally gets to know the world of Adults competitions: beautiful, colorful and ethical.
The passion continues to grow, in the meantime the adult group from Padua doubles the number of participants. He obtains the FISG title of 1st Artistic Level Coach; meets Carlotta and together they decide to give life to the summer internships in Pontebba, bringing together adults athletes from Rome, Padua, Pontebba and Austria.
Charged with the enthusiasm of these experiences, he goes back to teaching in his native Pontebba and decides to create Skating Diaries, the web space where he can gather the enthusiasm of the "adult skating community" even when there is no ice!

Carlotta Trombetti

She grows up on skates in Rome where he immediately begins to compete, participates in the Italian Championships in Turin 2009.
In 2012 she began her training as a coach becoming a Figure Skating Instructor, she continued her career in Freeskating and Ice Dance, becoming 1st level coach of both disciplines in 2018, and 2nd level in 2021....
He competes from the very first steps on the ice: first in the freeskating single, than moving to the refined discipline of ice dance together with his Ukrainian partner.
He invests in her passion by moving to Canada the following year to continue her career in ice dance, but also to start her career as a trainer. During the demanding training course he knows and carries on teaching the Adult categories, not only in freeskate, but also in the hilarious Artistic and Dance, becoming a point of reference in the Roman reality. It organizes internships in Roccaraso and contributes to the realization of summer camps in Pontebba.

Marina Barova

Growed up in Ukraine, she dreamed of ice skating from an early age.
He excels right from the start, so she wins her place in the Ukrainian National Team at a very young age. At the age of 12 he independently decides to move to the United States to look for the best coaches and learn as much as possible of the discipline that had won her heart...
At 15, thanks to the famous trainer and skater Mathew Gates, he falls in love with ice dance, winning the prestigious Lake Placid Ice dance Championship, together with Gates. The following year she joined the Canadian National Team together with her partner Allan Stoll, taking silver at Autumn Skate in Canada in 2012 and finishing thirteenth in the 2013 Canadian Nationals. Already during her career as an athlete, Marina gained experience as a teacher, giving a hand to children and adults, so that they too could discover that fantastic world. Since 2012 Marina has been working as a choreographer and trainer for singles and dance in Italy and abroad with children and adults, from the first steps to the highest competitive levels. From 2021 she takes charge of figure skating in Claut, both single and dance. Together with Pietro and Carlotta she works to create a strong structure to guarantee internships and activities for all passionate adults, who can't wait to fall in love with the magic of skating ... just like she did! His motto is: "It's never late, if you feel inside that this is yours"!

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